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Interesting tiny detail in Boston FBI chief beat sweetener

You can skip the hagiography, but this is interesting:

DesLauriers has been in charge of the FBI’s Boston operations since mid-2010, giving him time to develop relationships with other law enforcement agencies, said Joseph Persichini Jr., who retired as head of the bureau’s Washington field office in 2009.

“In today’s FBI, that’s a long time,” said Persichini, now executive director of the Washington D.C. Police Foundation. “You’re not meeting somebody for the first time in a time of great stress. You know what the capacities are.”

This reminds me powerfully of Vietnam. Because everybody including the officers was rotated in and out for only a year, there ended up being ticket punching instead of institutional memory, and hence no craft. What we were left with was lots and of expensive technology (bombing, bugging the Ho Chi Minh trail), overwhelming firepower, and pervasive lying to the home front (see the Pentagon Papers).

Sound familiar?

NOTE For those who came in late... I know the details of how we lost the Vietnam war may not be familiar to me, but linky goodness available on request.