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Upon getting sucked into the latest viral video, that of Kentucky Senatorial candidate Rand Paul being intellectually dismantled by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, something quite scary occurred to me. Despite the fact he seems dumber than a coal bucket, the real interesting thing is this is the guy that actually won.

This realization made me sit back an’ consider the latest political fad… the all too common “I’m not a Republican, I’m a Libertarian.” Somethin’ I know we’ve all heard a time or two since the walking embarrassment that was George W. Bush. But, now that the Tea Party has apparently joined forces with these “Neo-Libertarians”, I reckon we’ll have to give these folks just a bit more consideration.

So, what is it about this Party, around since 1971, that is makin’ Tea Partiers jump on like fleas on a hound dog? Well, according to The Party, it’s the need to basically shrink government down so small you could drown it in a bathtub.

On health care, they advocate for health savings accounts, the complete deregulation (Republicanese for "Buying accorss state lines") of the health care industry, and the abolishment of the FDA. Really?

I happen to have one of them there fancy-schmancy H.S.A. accounts, and the shitty insurance plan that goes along with it. Let me tell you how it works. Basically, I get to pay a nice hefty premium every paycheck, only to be told at every doctor’s office, pharmacy, and hospital that I’m still expected to pay 100% of the contracted rate until I reach my $1500 annual deductible. And that’s if I stay in-network. Otherwise, make that a clean three G’s. Sounds like somethin’ every strugglin’ American should be jumpin’ at the bit for, right?

And let’s consider the deregulation of the industry and the abolition of the F.D.A. for a bit, shall we?

Bein’ that they seem to use the year 1960 as some American Eutopia on their website, I think it’s awfully funny that it happens to be the decade in which medical costs doubled. And during that same time, Americans complained of inadequate medical care, unfilled health needs, and overall discontent with medical institutions. Well yee-haw, sounds great… let’s all jump into the health care time machine.

Another drum-beat I hear often by the Libertarian Party is free speech… and I believe at heart, their concerns are well placed. That said, I believe too much of a good thing can still be bad.

By definition, speech alone, be-it threatening, sexual, or just generally bein’ annoying, is harassment. Would those very same pro-First Amendment folks refuse to report a violation against themselves merely to protect their attackers' right to free speech? I’ll go out on a limb for ya’ here and say they’d feel just as violated as any of us “evil, socialist, pinko-commie liberals”.

And let’s not even get into the issue of corporate speech… we’d just be here all dang night…

But, the issue the Libertatians continuously bitch about that really just ticks me off… taxes. Perhaps they didn’t get the memo, but last year, Americans paid the lowest tax bill in over 50 years. Enough said, don’t ya’ think?

Now, despite bein’ wrong on damn near everything, there’s still a chance that both Democrats and Republicans could lose seats to the Party in the mid-terms this year. Some speculate that these “Tea Party candidates” will split the Republican party… well, mark my words when I say porn and pot will buy a helluva’ lot of young votes… other issues be damned.

So, let’s all just hope we don’t have to witness the “free hand of public policy” experiment in the upcoming future. Regardless of your party affiliation, these folks are not to be blown off as insignificant. The potential national impact is quite scary.

So what I do actually find interesting is this… the Libertarian Party appears to be the Coyote Ugly of political views.

Sure, it may seem like a great idea for a fun roll in the hay, but I’d bet you’re sure as hell gonna regret it in the mornin’.

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Submitted by Walter Wit Man on

on social medicine and social security. Yep. Nor are most Republicans and I hate to break this to you, are the Democrats and even the progressives. Democrats and progressives have done and are about to do far more damage on these two issues than libertarians could ever dream.

Meanwhile, on issues like war and civil liberties, libertarians like Paul are far better than almost all the Dems.

I don't support Rand Paul and I have no idea how much he will "sell out" on these professed beliefs (evidently he is selling out on drug legalization, the anti-war stance, etc., but I don't really trust the progressive characterization I've seen of his sellouts--but whatever, it doesn't really matter and I don't care). If we are going to start hounding politicians on the sincerity of their beliefs then I suggest the Democrats would be the more likely targets (see e.g. social security and socialized medicine).

The important point, the thing that really matters, is so far it is only libertarians like Ron Paul that have the courage to tell the president his assassination programs are wrong. What Democrats are giving that speech? These issues are far more important than obscure theoretical fights about the CRA.

Why do so many lefties want to silence one of the few anti-war voices in Congress? How is it lying down in bed with him to support him on this? To recognize the importance of this issue and to actually fight for the right thing. And aren't you lying down in bed with evil by silencing one of the few politicians willing to complain about Obama's assassination and torture programs? Is the libertarian view on the CRA really the most important issue facing our country? So that you lie down in bed with Mr. Peace Prize and his assassination drones and endless wars?

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Submitted by Walter Wit Man on

It is part and parcel of the ownership society and the privatization of America. But this is exactly the approach Obama and the Dems took with health insurance reform. We wanted health care reform and they gave us a giant HSA! But they are forcing us to participate on pain of a penalty. Sure, the government kicks in some money (just as with the tax benefits on a HSA), but you're a lot poorer and it's really only designed to maximize the profits of the health "care" industry.

So again, who cares about the libertarian position on health care when your putative allies are doing far more damage to your purported goals?