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Insider and hack David Flanagan now President of University of Southern Maine, Kalikow cashes in at "the system" for $200K

I don't have the time to do the takedown this sleazy maneuvering by our local notables deserves, so I'll just quote the highlights:

David Flanagan, a lifelong Mainer with deep ties to the state’s education, business and political communities, talked of “hardships and sacrifices” Wednesday as he took the reins as the interim president of the University of Southern Maine.

When you somebody sat that, you can bet one thing: The “hardships and sacrifices” will never, ever apply to them personally, or their friends, or their families, or anybody they know.

Key quote:

"[FLANAGAN:] I expect a civil, courteous dialogue that will facilitate reaching common and constructive understandings,” he said. “Shrill invective, reckless exaggeration and disrespect for individuals are ultimately corrosive to both the public confidence and enrollment growth that we so desperately need."

Translation: Tenured faculty, when fired, should go quietly, and students who don't want their university turned into a trade school should STFU.

Flanagan's background:

Before his time at CMP, Flanagan was legal counsel to Gov. Joseph Brennan and a partner in the Portland law firm Pierce Atwood.

In 2010, Flanagan was campaign treasurer in Eliot Cutler’s campaign for governor. Flanagan contributed $1,500 in May to a political action committee supporting Cutler’s current bid for governor against incumbent Republican Gov. Paul LePage and U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, a Democrat.

Flanagan donated $1,500 to Cutler in May 2013, the maximum amount. Flanagan’s wife, Kaye, has donated $2,000 to Cutler in the last two years.

Over the years, Flanagan has donated money mainly to Democratic political candidates and some Republicans, according to Federal Election Commission records. In 2013, he donated to the U.S. Senate campaigns of both Republican Susan Collins and independent Angus King.

Flanagan also served as general counsel for the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee investigation of Hurricane Katrina.

And Kalikow cashes in:

Kalikow is now acting vice chancellor at the system office, working on a one-year “community engagement initiative.” Her number two at USM, Provost Michael Stevenson, announced late Tuesday that he too was stepping down for a special assistant’s position at the system office through June 2015, working on an overhaul of academic offerings systemwide.

Stevenson will be senior fellow for Academic Affairs, reporting to UMaine Farmington President Kathryn Foster, who is leading the academic review. He will continue to be paid his $175,000 salary in the new role.

Stevenson’s move clears the way for Flanagan to pick his own provost. Under Kalikow, the provost took the lead in identifying which majors and academic programs faced elimination.

Page has praised Kalikow’s work at USM, and said he and Kalikow mutually decided it was time for her to move into a different role so a new person could bring “new energy.” Kalikow, 73, previously served as president of UMaine Farmington for 18 years.

Flanagan will earn $203,000 a year, the same as Kalikow.

So now we've got another warm body at "the system," which consumes $20 million a year with no measurable outcome? I thought Maine was a poor state?

This could get ugly. It should get ugly. Everybody who's wrong gets a raise and a promotion, as the elites double down.

NOTE For more on the protests at USM, see here and here.

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