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"Great Tits Eat Bats in Time of Need"

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Since I've been working for two days on a post and it still sucks and doesn't say what I want and doesn't say it the way I want, I went looking for diversions and found the above headline which amused my inner 12-year-old. And then the article interested the more mature side of me. Because it is about a species changing its ways in order to survive:

"Behavioural flexibility coupled with altered environmental conditions, e.g. food scarcity, can trigger astonishing innovations in animal behaviour," concludes Siemers. This innovative behaviour is not an isolated case and is probably passed on from generation to generation.

So it seems we can learn something from tits. Sorry, the 12-year-old made me write that. But flexibility when confronted with altered environmental (political, economic) conditions really is the key to surviving regardless of your species.

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