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Indiana-not just IDs

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Apparently, having to show govt-issued picture ID to vote in Indiana isn't the only obstacle or potential roadblock: Gaming Indiana: The quirky state voting law that could affect Tuesday's primary --

"...Here's Indiana's odd rule for primary voting: The state code allows a voter to cast a ballot in a primary election "if the voter, at the last general election, voted for a majority of the regular nominees of the political party holding the primary election"—apparently meaning, in this context, that the voter voted for more Democrats than Republicans in the last general election. The law also lets voters into the primary if they did not vote the last time around but intend to vote for a majority of Democrats in the next general election. The law specifically provides that a voter can challenge another voter at the polling place for not meeting these requirements. ..."

Giving preference to repeat voters, and allowing challenges by other random voters and not just by workers or poll watchers, and needing promises of party loyalty.... weirdness abounds there, i think.

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