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In the garden: Winter is coming

So this is what it takes to get a decent shot of Fall-flowering forsythia: An early snow-storm that withers and blackens the blossoms....

I love the pale palette of white, yellow, and green. This is the least successful filbert.

Here is the same idea, with raspberries and general organic mess, not so well-composed.

Yesterday's honeysuckle in today's melt, with that red berry a bit better placed.

My red trumpet vines. The iPad tried to make this image more what it wanted than what I saw; the idea (as in the first photo of the forsythia) is the blackening effect of the cold on plants; the sense of a black tangled mass against white snow really leaps out in real life, by which I mean what I see with my eyes. The iPad's algorithm kept trying to turn everything green and bring detail out. Not the point!

snow_forsythia.JPG154.46 KB
snow_filbert.JPG139.76 KB
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snow_honeysuckle.JPG181.8 KB
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