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In the garden: Wildflowers

This what I had in mind for the front garden, and now it has come to pass! (The hole in the center is where the Common Sowthistle -- hat tip, Mitzi Muffin -- was before I ripped it out.) This section is a bit more patchy than I'd like, because of what the snowplow detritus does to the soil, and the wildflowers in the shady mix section haven't bloomed yet, so I'm not going to have like thirty feet of solid color. But close!

Here's a shot from another angle in the sun. (Both the white and the orange flowers blow out the iPad, alas.) Quite pleasing, and because the seed mix has varieties that mature at different dates, constant surprise!

Some might argue that I've seeded way too thickly, and I might get bigger and better flowers if I hadn't, because there are too many flowers competing with each other. But I like the dense, jungle feel, and I also thought I'd avoid weeding. Which I pretty much have, with the exception of ripping out the Common Sowthistle where found!

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