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In the garden: Volunteers

Yes, there really is a tomato flower in the sea of green cukes! Look carefully, it's right there in the middle.

A volunteer, because I planted tomatoes in that bed last year, and rotated cukes in this year. There are many things that amaze me about plant behavior, and one of them is how fast they grow.

"Why, I remember you when you were a tiny little tomato plant!"

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Speaking of gardens, I just finished the form for a plinth! I was thinking of your idea of a rock birdbath in your triangle whilst I was making it. I am going to try to take all of those little quartz rocks that one cannot think of anything to do with other than make a dry creek bed out of them, and, do something else.

I am in hopes that when it is done it will look like one of those old English flint walls/churches. It has taken about five hours to get it together and prepped, but if it works out it could be reused, so that would be all right.

So: five hours for the form, three putting in the foundation, prolly three more to build the plinth for a grand total of eleven hours labor. Six fifty for the chipboard, eight bucks for liquid nail, fifteen bucks for screws, twenty four dollars for the concrete and mortar mix. The 2x4's, deck paint and oil were just stuff laying around. $53.50 or thereabouts. Not too shabby, especially if I can reuse the form!

So all that would be left would be to do the drip cap. I have some spare 4" granite......If it turns out I will send you a picture....If it doesn't, to paraphrase Frank Lloyd Wright, one can always plant vines, and THEN take a picture.

I do so love building odd stuff.

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Sure you could! Just run some PVC pipe through your form (to fish your waterline through) and then pour your concrete, or in this case, build up your stones around it. If one could find a nice form for the round bird bath part, I could easily see one building a fountain and burying your reserve next to the plinth...or setting the whole darn shooting match in a larger pond for it to trickle into.

This is the sort of thing I get a real charge out of. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in seeing what this sort of thing might cost and how long it would take to build.

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I think it would have to take a very, very long time for any erosion to occur, especially insofar as you would not be using it during the winter. Spalling is just not a problem with those mixes you can buy for three bucks a bag. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

By the time you would need to repoint it would probably be someone else's problem.