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In the garden: The wood arrives

Well, next to the garden, in the driveway.

Two cords, one "wilted" -- cut down with the leaves on it, meaning respiration sucks moisture out of the tree. Could be, given that some of the wood is pretty light. (It's not only inefficient to burn wet wood, it causes creasote to build up in the chimney.)

The wood covered with my beautiful canvas painter's dropclothes (also useful for shielding plants from frost) against the rain.

Birches across the way. But no birch in my woodpile this year, unfortunately! They are slanting in exactly the same direction, and for the exact same reason, as these painted blankets:

* * *

Now I have to find a reliable kid to stack the wood for me, partly because I'm super-busy, partly because something bad seems to have happened to my lower back (heating pad).

Unfortunately, due to overscheduling by controlling parents, reliable kids are not as easy to find as they once were!

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bought my wood in the spring save me money to order early and my neighbor and I split the deliver fee. I burn almond and I'm splitting it right now to get ready for winter, fingers crossed we have winter in Calli.

Why not hire someone that's unemployed and could use a little cash?