If you have "no place to go," come here!

In the garden: The rock garden in the front area

(I need to think of a more sonorous, resonant name for the "front area"....)

So, where all was bare earth two weeks ago or so, we still have bare earth, but with a humongous invasion of King Solomon's Seal -- honestly, it's poking up everywhere, and who knew? -- along with violets and (in the back) a basil patch. Out of view to the right, Black-Eyed Susans; I'm transplanting isolated clumps to other sunny spots. And the pansies I bought at the coffee shop [looks round], but they don't have any more today!

And I got my first compliment from a random pedestrian today; but perhaps they see me working and just want to be nice....

This year's project for the front area: The water feature, which arrived packaged up in a plastic bucket that also serves as the recirculating reservoir, and which I'd be burying underground right now if I hadn't broken the lid trying to open it (I'm very bad with packaging). Sigh.

The space is small, but I figure three feet all around -- filbert to filbert -- should be enough to make birds feel safe, and even if they don't, I'll get dragonflies, and of course the sound of the water. And the compliments from pedestrians!

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