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In the garden: The great wall of squash (2)

Here we see the squash happily twining itself along the green gardening cord:

Since the squash had decided to grow across a path, I put up some U-hoops with some string, and trained the squash along the string. To prevent people from walking down the path into this fragile construct, I tied some silver tape onto the string, the same kind I use to frighten deer. And as you can see, the squash took it from there....

Also see the flowers, one, two, three, in an evident plan: What's the word for whatever it is that creates a squash's "body plan"? Now that we've got thigmotropism and apical dominance under our belts, what's the word of this?

Gotta go and research minimum wage now; talk amongst yourselves....

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what's the word of this?

Not a word, more a study area, plant developmental biology, a complex regulatory process involving cell division and genetic control. Libraries of books are written on the topic.