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In the garden: The future squash bed


One really should rotate a heavy feeder like squash, and this year I'm going to, but really because I stupidly didn't grow last year's squash entirely from seed, but got flats, and with the flats, squash bugs. Ick. I'm hoping they won't cross the driveway to the new patch.

You also see, along with the hoses, the stakes -- I've often wondered what the stakes are, and now I've found out -- with which I'm going to surround the new patch. I'm going to tie garden string between the stakes for the squash to climb up on, so they don't crawl across the driveway.

Besides fixing the soil -- the ruts are from a tenant who parked their car on the "lawn" in the winter (cheesy!) -- I'll have to work out how to set up the hoses from the faucet to they don't drag across the squash. I'll probably just hold down the hose with logs.

Of course, to fix the soil I really need my source to drop off a load of manure. Perhaps that will happen this year.

NOTE The stone dust path turned out to work well. The tenants walk along it, which pleases me.

UPDATE Here is a happy filbert! And so what about the sun on the right!

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