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In the garden: The flowers that bloom in the spring

After the simple sequence of forsythia, lilacs, iris, roses comes the complexity; lots of flowers starting to bloom all at once!

The very first blossom from my wildflowers ("Shady Mix"). I know I sewed them too thickly, but last year I did the same thing, and it worked fine, and I always worry that not enough will come up. This will be pretty amazing when the poppies start blooming!

Raspberries, a galaxy of white stars when I look at the whole patch.

A peony. With an ant. (I took this in the evening, so there was only one ant; there are more during the day.)

A faithful perennial.

I did a good deal of flower planting this year, so we'll see what comes. After all, it's only the first week in June -- early spring!

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