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In the garden: The fisheye

I'm trying to like the fish-eye, but I dunno....

Not so fishy close up, where I'm sorta faking a wide angle.

At least I can get most of a squash plant in one frame.

I keep being overwhelmed by the complexities of this tiny patch. The bank across the street, even including all the networks of electricity, data, voice, oil, water, and flowing money it's part of, is very simple by comparison. Wait 'til I put a water feature in, and get lots of dragonflies, damsel flies, and maybe even birds!

Oh, and no bees. The bees are all gone now, probably from a near-32 night two days ago.

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Submitted by lambert on

I hadn't thought of it that way. It's phototropism that makes the flow!!!! (At least in the bottom two. All the plants are leaning or twining toward the sun. Raspberries and bee balm in the first one don't really lean or twine.)