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In the garden: The first iris of the summer

And it's only the middle of the third week in June. I am so hoping for a long Indian summer, and thank heavens I'm not a real peasant, a short season away from starvation.

This are heirloom irises; Card Carrying Buddhist sent me the bulbs long ago. There will be fewer this year than last year, I think, either because the winter was so rough, or because I have been a laggard about dividing them. (For whatever reason, my schedule always seems to pick up in the late fall, when I should be out buttoning up the garden.)

Anyhow, here we are. It's a pleasant thing to walk to my office on a path strewn with scented rose petals -- truly! -- and then spot my favorite flower open for the first day.

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Yes, apparently although Apple's data is correct, and includes the rotation information, not all programs understand it. Normally, I go through Gimp and rotate, but when the WiFi was fucked up, I loaded the image directly from my iPad because I couldn't mail it to myself (my sophisticated file interchange technology).