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In the garden: The deer have not yet eaten the peppers

Look! The peppers aren't cropped! (The deer like the little tender bits at the top, especially flowers.)

Although I suspect that's because the deer don't have to go out in the rain. They're sensible!

The rain will do wonderful things for all the vegetables; the sheet mulch is going to soak it all up. I won't have to water for the rest of the summer!

UPDATE The rain off the roof was so heavy it actually showed up as white streaks on the iPad:

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Submitted by lambert on

See link and discussion here.

I don't know what you're zoning is like, or whether shooting them (or bow hunting, permissible in part of my town, but not my part) is an option with anything more than a potato cannon. I see a lot of fencing around town, too. 7-foot chicken wire fences.

FWIW, my idea is to get into the head of the deer and make my garden like a "bad neighborhood," a place they warn their kids against....

Submitted by Dromaius on

I like the idea of fencing, and yes it has to be side and TOP fencing. I don't like putting bad thoughts into deer heads. They have enough stress. We take away their habitat. Where are they supposed to live?

Just place a fence and then grow some for them also.