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In the garden: The deer fence at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Here it is. I added the big red arrows because in fact the fence is hard to see:

So, eight-foot T-bars stuck in the ground, black netting strung between them. I can live with that if I have too, since the visual destruction would not be too great. And it's much better than some of the massive chickenwire constructions I've seen up here.

Here's the signage, explaining it:

"Too many deer" indeed! I am not an "Oh, they're so cute!" kind of guy. Pests.

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...I told you that months ago...

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Deer ticks which infect you with Lyme's actually get it by feeding on Lyme's infected mice in an earlier life cycle, not deer. That said, deer are aggressive and destructive and no longer have natural predators. When our very old neighbors (who love the deer going through their yard) pass on, we will take measures to control the deer migration through our yard.