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In the garden: The awkward age

Planting the vegetables (hence the need to sheet mulch (hence the need to bring in more soil)) is about three weeks away, so in the meantime I struggle to find enough that's flowered or leafed out. Ditto, apparently, the pollinators, since something big just buzzed round my head! Anyhow:

A pansy with a wilted companion in the "front area," this time not at dusk.

Today I saw a kid walking down the sidewalk with his two parents, and he made them stop at the rock garden, and they seemed to be explaining things to him. So my garden is already fulfilling its social function! This is exactly what I want people to do. And next week, something will have changed, and so they will stop again.

And since this is the awkward age, I'm really reaching for photographs here.... Here is the raspberry patch, leafing out nicely, but you can see the damage the horribly deep snows of this winter caused: Bowed over canes, broken canes.

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