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In the garden: Sweet light

Sorry to be turning this into a photo blog, but I'm having fun... Evening squash:

This little squash won't make it, though of course I'm projecting terribly; in fact, what I like about squash is that they keep pushing new growth toward the light no matter what, no matter the season. After all, you never know, and if the earth suddenly spirals into a new orbit and there turns out to be no winter, the squash will be totally ready!

These were both taken with the normal iPad lens; one trick I learned from the new lenses, now applied to the old ones, is to let the iPad autofocus. It works fine. There is probably more nifty iPad camera software out there, but so far, I haven't found any. I don't mean post-processing, I mean as the shot is taken. It would be nice to be able to fix the point that is to be in focus, for example. Even though I would rather have deep, deep focus.

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