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In the garden: Summer miscellany

The raspberries have arrived, and people stop to talk about them, and eat them (especially one ferocious old lady).

Here is a poppy blowing in the breeze. (We had rain yesterday, and wind seems to be following in its wake, or rather, driving it east.)

I thought this plant was over, but apparently it's just starting!

Masses of color: These are the wildflowers as people approach the bed walking along the sidewalk. (The masses are really dumb luck, the result of my sowing various wildflower mixes in different patches very thickly, on the theory -- mostly proved right, except for a single patch where nothing will grow except quack grass -- that this would drive out the weeds.

Masses of color: These are the colors I see from my desk. (I'll put up photos of the mysteries later; sadly, I often forget what I plant.) This corner seems to be doing well, again down to dumb luck!

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