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In the garden: Squash are up!

Look, I know this isn't hard, mkay?

But seeing the seeds I planted come up still gives me enormous pleasure, especially after all the disaster of the early spring. And all the rain we're having is good for something! (Actually, good for a lot. The sheet mulch is going to soak it up and release it slowly for weeks, making all the vegetables very happy, besides the weeds, which I really have to pay attention to...)

So now I can watch the second planting frantically try to catch up with the first before the frost. Hmm. 80 days to maturity, that's October 16. Hmm. Looks like first frost could come to Bangor between October 1 and 10. I might need to make more row covers!

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Says on the label! I don't like zuchinni. And everybody has so much you can't even give it away.