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In the garden: Spotting the growth

This is the time of year when it's hard to spot the green in the vast expanse of brown (at least in my patch, because I don't rake the leaves in the fall, preferring them to rot, have abolished my lawn, and don't load up anything not lawn with bags of bark mulch from the "landscape" -- ugh, what an inappropriate word -- people at the first sign of spring).

So what I end up with is brown bare earth, brown rotting leaves, and brown/beige/dirty white disintegrating sheet mulch from the previous year. As you can see!

The slightly out-of-focus green shoots in the foreground have made progress from a few days ago, but the shoot that looks a bit like a lobster claw is new today. Can you spot it?

Oh, and I saw a few ants this morning. Exciting!

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