If you have "no place to go," come here!

In the garden: Spot the cat!

In case you can't....

Here's the cat.

Quite a bad cat, too. It made good use of cover, sneaking along my extremely weedy woodchuck fence bordering the driveway; see the tall green stuff at left. In fact, it was so sneaky I thought maybe it had moved out from behind the fence without my spotting it. I was standing up on a chair, hoping to get a good shot, so I got down and walked slowly toward the fence... When suddenly it appeared behind the Black-Eyed Susans, and we locked gazes for in instant, and I got the shot. From far away, as you see; no zoom on the iPad! Then it was off under a car, and away.

So I see why birds are so scared of cats and, hence, like to perch on my tomato poles and U-hoops in the open air, with no mess around. Cats are sneaky! Even black-and-white cats that should be easy to spot against all the color!

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Submitted by jo6pac on

are you F&%#@&) nuts;)

I was standing up on a chair

I have feral cat here in ag world so we all trap them so we can have birds, lizards, and other wild life.

Submitted by lambert on

... to get a better angle for the shot!

This is a small town; there's no way I'll be able to trap all the cats. All I can do is try to protect the birds.