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In the garden: So now I have to become a birdwatcher...

Na ga happen, my eyes are too bad. But I just heard a lovely melody and saw a bird, and I imagine its partner, at one of my honeysuckle bushes ("Birds love a mess," as Nippersdad says).

Then they flew off, as birds will do! I can't reproduce the melody, but I did notice that both birds had prominent round yellow bellies (and not buff, or beige, but yellow).

This year I've seen not only more hummingbirds, but a pair of cardinals, and now this pair of whatever-they-ares. (Not chickadees; the call of the chickadee can hardly be characterized as melodious, no?)

And in the trees behind the house, there's a chorus of several something-or-others that reminds me of nothing so much as Bangkok. Mysterious, extended hooting from the trees. And not crows!

NOTE Actually, I don't want to become a birdwatcher; I have enough to be doing, and I don't want to get in the mode of collecting sightings. However, I would like to create a polyculture that attracts multiple birds over time, often enough for me to begin to recognized their species, and perhaps even optimize for them.

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Submitted by Dromaius on

Our house is like a bird sanctuary at times. We are at the top of a hill where they can watch over the surroundings below, I think (we don't have a great view because of houses and trees, but the birds would if they're flying ;-)). In addition, we have plants that produce berries (not just blueberries, etc, but other kinds of inedible (by us) berries that they seem to like). I also leave the deadheads on day lilies, coneflowers and other flowers that produce seed heads and they tend to disappear over time, so I figure the birds are eating them.

I really do think birds choose their habitat based greatly on terrain. We get loads of birds, whereas other nearby houses with similar vegetation don't get as many.

Probably the best way to attract birds if your terrain doesn't "organically" attract them is with a bird feeder. Then plant natural things that they like so that once they learn about you, they come for the natural things.

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Submitted by nihil obstet on

Another advantage of bird feeders attracting birds is that after their veggies, the birds will stick around for the protein course. It makes a noticeable difference in your insect population.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Could they be goldfinches? They are just gorgeous birds.

Plinth update:
This is not something that you would want to do.
It took much longer and more money than expected.
I think a bath, beer, (B)aspirin and bed are in order.
Maybe I will feel better about it tomorrow.