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In the garden: Sky

I grant that, with cherubs, this sunset would be appropriate for Louis XV's bedroom ceiling at Versailles, but still, it is beautiful, isn't it? Here's another:

No sign of autumn yet...

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Yes, actually; it is beautiful. I find myself stopping and looking often...

Submitted by lambert on

... that it is important to look upward at the trees and the sky. When I find myself looking down at the pavement and dragging along, it is always a bad sign.

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...both day and night. I'm barefoot 100% of the time when I'm home; so, when moving, I look down. We have this large black ant here that bites when stepped on; and it bloody hurts like hell. Bee stings are nothing by comparison. Well, except for the Asian hornet; worst pain from any bite or sting I've ever experienced; all 13, unrelenting, hours of it... :-(