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In the garden: Second snow

Still melting!

The clover, still green, is so poignant to me.

And more to the point, I've got to take the little white fence in for the season.

What winter does do, as plants flatten, and wither, and disappear (or are mulched) is reveal the lineaments of the soil. That lovely rock has been hidden by annuals since the late spring. Now we see it!

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Submitted by Dromaius on

Another interesting plant physiology thing to read about is how certain plants develop "anti-freeze" in their cells to resist the cold. Basically, they generate certain proteins which lower their cells' freezing point. Your clover may be one of those plants.

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Submitted by TheMomCat on

It dipped below freezing here in NYC early this AM. The Montauk daisies that are under the front window of the house survived but the morning glories, alas, are no more.