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In the garden: Red poppies

I believe I complained about my all-orange poppies, and wondered where the red ones were. Well, here's the first, and it's humongous! (As usual, hard to photograph because it captures any breeze so effectively.) And when I say humongous:

See the height? (Unfortunately, it's late in the day, so the orange poppies have already closed). This is a good wildflower mix. Not only is there a sequence of blossoming in time, there's a sequence in space; these red poppies form a canopy.

Even better, the "Shady Mix" wildflowers are beginning to flower too....

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red_poppy_2.JPG261.35 KB
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Well, Lambert, we may disagree about water feature sizes, but not about poppies! That is one magnificent specimen. Love the wildflowers.