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In the garden: Rain-rotted snow


Another tapestry of green and white, but showing the holes in the show where the raindrops struck.

I'm picturing a spring pattern of new weeds where this weed laid down its seeds.

Not sure why I like this one. Maybe because there's a lot of tension in it: The two leaves, one large and rotted, the other small and not, the two colors of overlapping raspberry cane, one cane tucking into the snow, the other not, the top quadrant of struggling plant life, the other three quadrants of impacted snow. Not sure.

What I am sure is that I like my Schneider lens a ton more than the native iPad lens, so thanks again to Dromaius.

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And "whiting the fuck out" is part of it!

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"Rain-rotted snow"

That'sa really cool description. "Rain-rotted". So many dark connotations. I seen it before.

Dark. Scary.

The veil between the worlds is so thin now.