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In the garden: Persistence of chlorophyll (2)

Today is all about saturation: The cloudy sky and late afternoon make for very saturated color, and the 40°s F day has made snowmelt everywhere.

Along the same lines:

I wonder if villages at the foot of the Himalayas feel like that clover? (One of those images where the idea is a bit better than the execution because the green clover is a hair unsharp, perhaps because I focused on the detail of the rotting snow. Either that, or camera shake in the cold.)

Lots of dark soil, top, is good news.

I swear this fungi were vibrating, they were so vivid....

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Submitted by nippersdad on

to be named honorary plants! Call it a burst of applause for having at long last finally made the team. :)

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Submitted by Jack Skwat on

Chlorophyll never goes away; in fact, in many plants during cold winter months much more is produced. And finally, it doesn't need the sun (always) to generated growth in a plant. But I guess you knew that.