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In the garden: One red leaf

This is the baby oak tree I should transplant to a nicer location, maybe if I get rid of my other evil Norway Maple. Also, good yield on that butternut squash, and good yield on the mildew, too. Maybe I'll rotate the tomatoes into this patch next year. And speaking of squash:

Focus issues -- the iPad wanted to go for that hairy stem, not the flower -- but that bee died happy! And a flower whose name I forget, with a background tapestry:

And of course more poppies, newly flowered, because I can't resist them:

with another tapestry in the background.

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Submitted by blues on

"Let us cultivate our garden"

"I should like to know which is worse: to be ravished a hundred times by pirates, and have a buttock cut off, and run the gauntlet of the Bulgarians, and be flogged and hanged in an auto-da-fe, and be dissected, and have to row in a galley -- in short, to undergo all the miseries we have each of us suffered -- or simply to sit here and do nothing?'
That is a hard question,' said Candide."

— All from Voltaire

"....ravished a hundred times by pirates, and have a buttock cut off..."

"....cultivate our garden."

Great ideas.

Great minds stick a spike.

Submitted by lambert on

First, for me gardening has been a way to move out and connect with others (as well as the natural world). My garden is not a retreat, really.

Second, we might consider the ironic possiblility that Candide was wrong about everything, and this too. Voltaire did not, I think, heed this advice!

So this post for where I'm coming from.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

but I think that Voltaire was using the garden as a metaphor. In that sense, it is as applicable to single payer as it is to carrots. Whatever you find in your "garden" is your business. Had that not been so, his particular form of satire would have made no sense.

He, too, was seeking political change.

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Submitted by okanogen on

That pointy leaf points to it being a member if the red oak family, which are highly susceptible to oak wilt. If you want an oak, search for one with rounded leaves, these would be members of the white oak family, swamp, white, bur.... These are much more resistant to oak wilt. Check with your county or state or university forester for trees they encourage. Norway maple is awful, planting a sugar maple would be awesome.