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In the garden: My soil came!

So, I'm all excited about a big pile of dirt:

Two yards of gardening soil (i.e., earth with some seafood compost in it). So, tomorrow I distribute the soil over the beds and sheet mulch everything, or at least as much as I can. Church gardening sale, then flats from the Farmer's Market, so all in all an orgy of planting....

Also gravel:

Which will go round the fountain of the water feature, with some bigger rocks I'll have to find and repurpose, because this gravel is finer than I thought it would be. (Silly me, I asked for a photograph, but aggregate looks very much the same in a photograph no matter its size; there's no way to tell what's a close-up and what isn't). And bonus points: I can repurpose the blue tarp.

And here are some found objects:

Very Maine.....

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Ooooh! Nice!

So, are you going to layer it over last years' sheet mulch? Doing it in layers like that really improves tilth, and saves the trouble of adding in organic matter.

This might be the time to do a soil test (?).

Submitted by lambert on

Yes, layering! I actually bought the soil test kit, and never sent it in. I think it's a quirk. Anyhow, rotating the veggies so last year's insect emerge and starve....