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In the garden: More and more poppies

These are all from a shady area. They flowered late, and are out of the wind, though the poppies in the front garden are all gone, now. The sun is sinking, to the left.

Schneider 2x Tele.

And more. I can't help myself!

And more!

This one just seems not to sharpen up. I'm not sure why; I've tried two days in a row. Maybe it's blurry in reality!

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Submitted by mitzi muffin on


What kind of poppies are they that bloom so late? Are they from your wildflower mix? Are they perennials? They are so lovely, even after the petals fall off.

I've tried to grow spring poppies, but have had no success.

Submitted by lambert on

They are from the wildflower mix, which I got from Johnny's Seeds (old Maine co-op).

I think I got Northern Lights, since that mix has poppies, but the mix does change on availability.