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In the garden: Moar bleeding hearts!

I don't know what I did to make this patch of Bleeding Hearts such a roaring success (if color can be said to roar) but whatever it is, I hope it happens again!

Possible factors:

1) Great sun (weird, because Bleeding Hearts are said to be shadelovers);

2) Soil improvements (heavy clay softer this year, after a lot of mulching in previous years);

3) Some sort of co-evolution between Bleeding Heats and Solomon's Seal, also a roaring success in the same patch? I'm thinking maybe the Solomon's Seal rhizomes broke up the soil.

Readers, any thoughts on this?

UPDATE This is not a very good photo. I really need to save my pennies for a view camera. Apparently a cheap scanner will digitize 4x5 film quite well, assuming 4x5 film can still be developed anywhere.

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