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In the garden: Masses of color

As readers may know, my garden is a "Grandmother's Garden," though only as a happy accident:

Often appearing haphazard or growing at random, grandmother's garden was actually designed as a painting with an eye to composition using color, shape, and texture. It is no wonder then that so many painters, writers, poets, and other artists created such gardens. These gardens inspired them and often are seen in their works. ...

For example, the color orange (honeysuckle):

Or the color red (bee balm):

Or the color yellow (bolted lettuce):

Or white and then orange (wildflowers, entirely by accident):

Or pink and red (roses):

Here is a shot from the sidewalk, showing how the masses of color combine:

Pink, then orange, then red, then yellow, with tomato stakes interspersed. I don't know if that's the best color sequence; perhaps I should think about it.

And orange, red, yellow from my desk. I have more flowers coming that should make the view from my desk more interesting.

Anyhow, I am now getting people who stop and say nice things. So that's gratifying, and maintains diplomatic relations with the town.

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