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In the garden: If I want to know where the sun's coming from, I can just ask the squash

And here is the answer!

("Bad Lambert" because I should have weeded that quack grass. I have been very remiss in my weeding, and after the rain, the weeds are humongous!)

Here's another tropism:

One of these days I have to look up how plants pull themselves up overhand like that.

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Now that's an unpleasant association of ideas! (I'm not sure that having to claim that "I am not a vampire" is a position I ever want to be in; it sounds rather Nixonian....)

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This makes me think about the squash patch. I intend to grow the squash up onto string tied to U-Hoops, but it's near a path so people might brush against the squash. I don't know if they'd be happy (the squash, I mean.)