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In the garden: Hurry up with the flowers, Morning Glories!

These morning glories had better get it together and start flowering before it's too late! I think I'm seeing a bud right there in the middle where the stems branch, but maybe not! Something to watch for on my morning tour, I guess.

At least I think they're morning glories, because that's what I remember the seed packet saying, although these leaves seem spiky, and all the morning glory leaves I've ever seen have been round.

They sure are happy climbers, though!

(The red arrow shows where I think the bud is. There are others, but this looked like the most photogenic!)

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Submitted by jo6pac on

but they look like (mind just went blank) because of the leaves;) Please help my tired old mind someone.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

That is cardinal climber.

Technically they are a member of the morning glory family (ipomea). They are a hybrid of morning glory and cypress vine. Tiny little red flowers that are a magnet for hummers and butterflies. They should still have time to bloom and set seed.

It is only late August, after all.

Submitted by lambert on

Of course I didn't retain the packet. Here's today's shot:

Clearly, if the buds are doubling in size every day, we're good for flowering at some point (modulo a hideously early frost, no, please no.)

These photos also bring home the iPad lens/software combo -- it was almost impossible to focus on that bud. With a better ability to compose in camera, I would have able to draw the eye to the bud without adding an arrow.

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