If you have "no place to go," come here!

In the garden: Here we go

Rushing out quickly while there's still light, contrast, and color.

My poor woodchuck fence. I will have to think about this in the spring.

Next year's hugel bed.

Honeysuckle, still with green leaves, amazingly.

Basil, sheltered, with green scallions.

Basil, not sheltered.

Raspberry canes bending under the weight. (In general, falling to earth seems to be a big part of the plant experience of winter's onset, though we tend to notice the changes in color and textre more.)

A demonstration of thermal mass. That black rock has good sun.

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blues's picture
Submitted by blues on

The "garden" will become a big white nothing.

Somebody told me that this would happen. It was more than an idle rumor, it seems.

But the little mice will ceaselessly forge their little tunnels under the snow. They are patient and always hopeful.

Submitted by lambert on

But you're right.

[lambert blushes modestly], but when I start taking pictures that are better than I know, that's real progress. Not Robert Frank territory, of course, but still.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

I saw foot prints but then read your comment it much better;)