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In the garden: Happy cukes seeking the sun

I like my system of cheesy trellises, because I can stick a bamboo U-hoop in the ground where the cukes want to go, instead of where I think they want to go. Then I tie the vines to the U-hoops with green string to keep the cukes off the ground and make the flowers more visible to pollinators. Soon, I'm going to make cheesy hoop house!

"Bad lambert" because (1) I'm letting those darn weeds grow, instead of turning the sod with my excellent new shovel and sowing with clover, and (2) because I've let those darn weeds grow over my stone dust paths, instead of hoeing the weeds away, and then using my excellent new shovel to re-distribute stone dust from that pile. At some point, every summer, there comes a time when the seasonal energy means I've started X number of new projects, and some portion of the garden goes to rack and ruin....

Nevertheless, those cukes (from flats, after the bad compost killed the first batch) look like they're catching up after a slow start.

UPDATE The deer prophylactic either worked, or wasn't tested.....

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I don't know if it is true, but I am told that if you plant a border of garlic, it will repel deer and other wildlife. Not sure your neighbors would appreciate that approach to landscaping. Also not sure that garlic grows that far north.