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In the garden: Happiness!


Always, I think "this time it's different," and that the seeds will all have died, or the plows are throwing up a new kind of road salt that renders soil near the street infertile, or I planted too soon, or whatever. (To be fair to myself, last year I lost not one but two plantings of squash -- seeds, and flats -- because the seafood compost I planted them in was too "hot." (I'd been using the vendor for several years, and they are now out of business. Hmm.) Third time was the charm then, but first time is the charm now.

(The sprouts are tiny, so I have helpfully annotated the image.)

I'm assuming, of course, that what's coming up is from seeds I planted, and not weeds. But clover is supposed to come up in three days, and this is the first truly warm day, so it looks like it has.

The wildflowers are supposed to come up in seven to ten days, so it's possible these sprouts are miscast clover, though I don't really think so. We'll see what happens on the seventh day, next Wednesday.

Also, this is the first day I've been able to move The Corrente National Affairs Desk outside, and sit in the garden with my laptop and work. Since that working set-up is one of the best things I've every done for myself, I am pleased (though also wearing a sweater, even as I sit in the sun)>

Like I said: Happiness!

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Well I don't see a thing but I'm old with bad glasses. The main thing is you're able to seat outside;)

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If anything, bigger than usual for the first day. (Generally, the first sign is a sort of green mist without leaves.)