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In the garden: Happier morning glories

These morning glories want something to climb on!

And so herewith:

I know, I know: String tied to random twigs stuck in the ground. It's like I don't want to buy stuff, or work hard, or something.

Anyhow, my Southern friends laugh at me about morning glories. "You had to plant them?" they say, incredulously.

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Cardinal climber (deeply lobed leaves and tiny little red and pink star shaped flowers) is, technically, in the ipomea family but is not what we recognize as a morning glory, which has large, round blue flowers and heart shaped leaves. Hummingbirds love it, though, and that is why we plant it....or let it reseed as the case may be.

It has nothing like the vigor of a morning glory. Are you sure they knew what you were talking about? Cardinal climber and cypress vine (also related) are pretty popular in the South.