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In the garden: Goldenrod and bee

No frost yet! [crossed fingers]

OK, OK, "bee collecting nectar from flower." Nobody's taken that shot before!

Still, I'm happy with the sharpness of the bee, and happier still that when I had given up on a prettier wildflower, which wouldn't hold still, dammit -- the natural world is in constant motion, especially flowers whose job is to spread wind-borne pollen -- and switched to the more massive and stable goldenrod, lo and behold! Bees suddenly flew into the frame, so I saw them on the glass, and fired away.

This chain of events is, in a way, a vindication of my idea that I should simply pick a good vantage point and wait for the elements of a system to reveal themselves. Unfortunately, I still can't quite get the depth of field I'd like for that, and I can't capture enough of the system. For example, some of the weeds had multiple bees working them at once, such that they would actually shake the plant, even without a breeze.


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