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In the garden: Global weirding

At the farmer's market, everybody says everything's two weeks late "at least," it's been rainy and in the 60s*, and for the past two days we've had tremendous winds, with branches and leaves down. Some tremendous weather system passing overhead... And when it's not windy, black flies, thick, like when I was a kid here, but unlike anything in the last five or six years. I guess it's the wet summer. (On the other hand, this year I've got birds -- a chickadee, a robin, and a cardinal -- so perhaps the black flies are good for something, if they attract them. Just as long as I don't get bats!)

Anyhow, things proceed fitfully -- I'm not going to be sheet mulching in high winds! -- but progress is being made. And given that this is really June 2, not June 15, and Memorial Day, a.k.a. Official Planting Day, by rights comes on May 31, not May 26, I don't need to feel too guilty.

These Columbines are so beautiful I don't deserve to have them:

Here's the front area, with some progress made:

When the wildflowers, peonies, and Black Eyed Susans all flower, in addition to the zinnias I popped in, the reconfigured front area should be pleasing (and make pollinators happy).

The new squash bed, rotated away from last year's squash infestation; the spot is very sunny, so even with a late start I hope they'll do well. Since left to themselves, the squash vines would grow across the driveway, I'm going to put up stakes tie them together with string, hoping to train the vines to grow on the string. I guess we'll see!

NOTE * Granted, my body seems to have adjusted its concept of "cold" after spending three months in Bangkok.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Your garden is coming along nicely! I would love to have some of that seaweed you put in...and your sixty degree temps. 90 in the shade at nine this morning, with high humidity.


After the Open House we are all going to seek some air conditioning for a while. I think the "at least" two weeks early scenario is probably just about right. Most of our wildflower seed rotted in the ground this spring; I don't think they could handle the ups and downs we have seen lately. On the plus side we have had several hatches of bluebirds and threatened red headed woodpeckers.

So, why don't you like bats?

Submitted by lambert on

... just not in my attic!

* * *

I dunno about my seafood mulch. I seem to be losing plants. Very odd.