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In the garden: Flowers I cannot seem to render

Near frost but no frost seems to be the motto for this month -- very late!!!! -- and we still have flowers. These Bachelor Buttons:

The idea is the crisp, jewel-like flower against the DeKooning-like swirls of decaying, mildewed Black-Eyed Susans. But for some reason, those tiny white blossoms at mid-right get blown out!

Again, amazingly, we have forsythia blooming on October 31. But the yellow blossoms are blown out, just like the white ones above.

Since the lens won't change, perhaps I need to be more clever about the light conditions?

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Submitted by Dromaius on

"Geeeet a real camera," Dromaius whispers quietly. ;-).

A cheap point and shoot that creates camera raw files will allow you to fix that blow out in post-processing. Also, most cameras that are capable of producing raw files will probably have sensors decent enough to prevent at least part of the blow-out. And they'll have manual controls, which will allow you to slightly underexpose the shot to reduce blowout.

In the mean time, try setting the yellow flowers as your focus point. This may (depending on how well your software light meter works) cause the camera to underexpose the picture slightly which will increase the quality of highlights (the yellow and white), while not drastically ruining your dark colors. Then if your darks are too dark you can send the pic to me, and I can brighten up the dark stuff in post ;-).

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Submitted by jo6pac on

agree on both points;)

Submitted by lambert on

... as I keep saying, is that my eye (one good one) is not capable of working with a small-ish viewfinder, even one that's the whole of a normal-sized digital camera's back. I just can't see what I'm doing! For composition, that is the attraction of the massive iPad glass for me. It's not a luxury. It's a necessity!

But yes, I can try underexposing slightly.

Incidentally, thanks again for the tip on the Schneider lens kit; I got some cheaper stuff recently, and it was shit. What Apple should really do is have invent an (Apple-)standard lens mount....