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In the garden: Fall tapestries

Schnedier Tele 2x. First rose leaves turning yellow, but borage still blue and green. And petals and ground litter everywhere ("birds like a mess"). In color terms, it really is a tapestry. Almost literally, since all this colorful organic matter is gradually collecting and intermingling on a flat surface, the earth (there to rot and make the soil better next year, instead of hanging on a wall, I suppose).

And I tried again with that white poppy that shows the mark of a brush with frost:

Improved, especially since you can tell it's been raining, but I missed the tapestry aspect that I caught before; the background colors are rich, but dull.

And some zinnias:

The dead heads are actually quite colorful: Shades of brown and some purple.

UPDATE Here's a second try on that white poppy:

Closer. Man, if I were a painter, I could add those touches of red right where I want them. Then again, one can't play tennis without a net; the red is where it is, which is good, or one good thing.

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