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In the garden: Fall colors and new lenses

I know I shouldn't have done this, because I can't really afford it, but I did it anyhow, and got a Schneider Optics iPro system (plus a clip*). I think it's an improvement, see what you think:

That's with the Tele lens. Here's the previous one I took, for comparison:

Back to the new lenses:

A bee at the zinnias. What I notice is a much sharper image on the screen; I still wish I had the depth of field, though....

Another zinnia, another bee. Here is the macro lens:

This is borage It's also a #FAIL, though you see the beauty and the idea. This lens was dizzying to use, since there's nothing but blur 'til you get up close, and up close has its own issues with the iPad, since the lens is way up at the top right! Or bottom left. I think there are camera shake issues, too. I could see the flower pop into focus and then out, but on the iPad you tap the glass to focus on one area of the image, involving the tap itself, the finger, the hand, the arm, indeed the whole body in the focusing process, and hence more camera shake. Maybe I should just give up the unequal struggle and post painterly, colorful blurs!

And here is the wide angle. I seem to have accidentally switched to square format, and also created some sort of flattening effect:

A spider's web though not an especially radial one. I tried to photograph spider's webs many times with the iPad alone, but couldn't even see them on the glass. So I am happy!

Columbines, seeking the sun, always.

Still with the macro. I seem to have colorized the shot in camera, somehow.

NOTE Maybe I need to use PNGs and not JPGs, since JPG is a lossy format....

NOTE * Get the iPad 2 clip if you have an iPad 2, and the Mini Clip if you have an iPad Mini. Don't mix the two, as I did!

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Submitted by Dromaius on may have wanted to get a refurb "enthusiast" point and shoot at the Canon store. An S110 comes to mind. It would do macro AND tele better for about the same money.

That said, here's my attempt at painting your macro photo. Used Photoshop with the Pixel Bender filter, the oil paint option. Then I applied my own home-made filter.

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Submitted by lambert on

But there's no screw-mount for a tripod. Maybe a monopod with some kind of clamp.

I think I will stick to the tool I have, unless I can somehow really work out how to get deep focus with a real view camera.... It's the idea that you can only play tennis with a net, there has to be an obstacle of some sort.

That's a very nice painting. I just thinking maybe there's a way to paint in the camera with the lens alone. I think I will try that tomorrow.

This is really rather exciting because I can see better on the glass. The only danger is that I have to take the iPad's case off, and Heaven forfend I drop it!

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

These photos have so much more detail and depth and contrast - I love them. But I'm a total dufus when it comes to things photographic-technical.

Then Dromaius with the gorgeous painting - sheesh.

Deep, deep talent and vision. My head explodes when I juxtapose this reality with the prevailing econo-junk slogans about "skillz mismatch" in the "real" (cough) economy.

Thanks both of you for your immeasurable contributions of beauty and intelligence to my day!