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In the garden: Dreams (or plans) coming true

Actually, I'm not sure if this fly is a pollinator or not. But it's certainly acting like one!

Here, however, is my real dream (for which I planned): A butterfly! A fritillary, I believe, and you can see how their wing pattern works for camouflage.

The basil patch is next to the little fountain, and the basil is flowering, and bees and all sorts of pollinators are going gagga over it.

And one reason I put the fountain in was to attract pollinators. Of course, I can't prove that the butterfly stopped for a drink; but I do know I've never seen one perched on the basil, which has been there for several years (although this year the patch is truly magnificent).

Wow, one hummingbird just chased another one of of the yard, swooping by about three feet over my head!

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Submitted by nippersdad on

There have not been any butterflies here this year, sadly. I think I may have seen three thus far. It may have been the killer 6 degree temps the past two winters killing those who overwinter. So that has been kind of sad.

However! I have been birdwatching this year at our birdfeeders and birdbath through the window, and they seem to be more numerous than usual. Flocks of chickadees and tufted titmouses, a couple of families of cardinals and doves, wrens, house finches, goldfinches, one downy woodpecker and one indigo bunting with a sparrow and crows to rule them all. They come in waves. I haven't put out hummingbird feeders this year but have seen them zooming around in the flowers.

Normally it seems like they would have gone quiet by now, but they are still breeding and the birdsong is wonderful in the mornings and evenings.

There really isn't anything like having a messy yard, it draws everything!

Submitted by lambert on

However, I do seem to have a pair of chickadees. They are somewhere in a deep entwinglement of honeysuckle and raspberry bushes.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

I'm glad you have attracted some to your office. Little finchy type birds have always been my favorites.

Though, I remember I was building a rubble wall a few years ago and there was this catbird that I made friends with. As soon as I showed up he would appear and we would share my lunch. He was a cool bird, and I haven't seen any around for a long time now.