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In the garden: Dithering

I'm dithering about ripping up the weeds; and also about putting the garlic in, which should be done a month before the ground freezes hard, so I'm probably a bit late). So I came in and cleaned part of the kitchen; I'm about a third of the way round, now. Big win: I can sit down at my kitchen table. Anyhow, while I was dithering:

Looking directly down, so you can see how they are stretching out, almost to the ground, to reach the sun, of which there is less and less.

Another patch of borage near the peppers, which are still growing, in fact, flowering, because amazingly we have had no frost yet, and won't for at least a week! I love the saturated colors, and I wish I could make billboard or at least walls-sized dye transfer prints of these tapestry-style images.

Horseradish. Something seems to have gotten at it!

On another note, counted the squash. Twenty, at least. Not bad for a small patch, a late start, bad seafood mulch, and three tries. And they're still on the vine, 'til the frost sweetens them up.

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