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In the garden: Chores

I think yesterday really was the last day for me to work outside:

And that means I shortly have chores to do:

Yes, I actually managed to remember to go the farmer's market and buy garlic. Now, I just have to plant it before the ground freezes. We haven't yet had the first frost, and so the frost is late. And though everybody is expecting this winter to be even worse than the last one, the polar vortex menace seems to have dissipated.

So, at some point in the near future I've got to collect the last of the vegetables (especially those very late-starting peppers), pick the squash after the first frost, remove all the debris from the squash plants and the tomato plants, and cut down all the wildflowers, but spread the stalks for reseeding next year.

Then remove the bags of leaves I banked the house with last year and mulch the beds, and especially my little trees. Then have the reliable neighborhood kid rake this year's leaves -- not even half fallen -- and bag them to bank the house again. It's a cycle!

Also, I always grow more than I can eat, but this year I failed to distribute enough. So, composting.

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going to light the first fire, today it's cool but the rain will stay north of me. I do hope this might be a good sign we might receive some rain here in my part of Calli.

I've only planted 2 tomato seeds in the greenhouse last Monday and they have broke ground:) In a few weeks I'll plant more seeds for winter salads.

That's a lot of garlic you have and you'll have bumper crop.