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In the garden: Character flaws and niches for plants

Here, along with the dappling of early afternoon sun through the trees, we see happy, self-seeded borage (bottom left; with a weed or two).

I suppose laziness is a bad personal characteristic; that's why I haven't laid a new layer of stone dust over the path to my office; and indeed that created a ice or some small weeds. Two days ago, I'd gotten rid of them all, but when the gravel isn't smooth or new, seeds take root and germinate astonishingly fast.

Anyhow, the real laziness for which I had planned to castigate myself is my tendency to say "Now it's finished because I've stopped" (generally from time pressure). So, as you see, I never did finish of the end of the path with some sort of demarcation; instead, this spring, I swept leaves and stone dust to the end of the path into a pile, and then threw some weedings on top. Two months later, that pile turned out to be ideal niche for borage! And so I didn't have to demarcate the path at all; the borage are going to do it for me! My garden has turned a character flaw into a benefit....

In fact, after my painful experience with mulch this year -- stinky stuff where literally no seeds I've planted in it have germinated -- I'm thinking a combination of wood scraps and stone dust for some hugel beds might be a better route. I've got some tomatoes in a hugel bed that are very happy indeed, despite partial, late afternoon sun.

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One of the beauties of nature is that nothing is ever wasted and everything has its' niche.

If borage does well in your stone dust pile, most likely a bunch of other herbs will also like it there as well. The stinky mulch will turn out to be a goldmine when the nitrogen, etc., that you smell now finishes rotting down into available elements for your plants to live on next year. A long term investment in the tilth and fertility of your soil. Its' all good.

Nature is messy. A lot of people tend to forget that clean, neat and well designed is one of the most unnatural effects possible. The short term imposition of man upon the ageless works of nature...

Everyone needs their Thoreau moments.