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In the garden: Busy bees

There are so many bees out at the garden today that I think what remains of my wildflowers must be a major source of nectar in the neighborhood!

Schneider 2x tele. I forget what these are; some sort of echinacea?

And now the zinnias!

I'm afraid this is going to be more or less the same idea, over and over again!

The Holy Grail would be to get more than one bee in the focal plane at the same time. Alas, no!

Light and shadow.

So, that was fun! I took them all while I was waiting for my furnace guy to come. And that had a happy outcome! I fired up the boiler before they did their regular cleaning, which in past years I have never done. That was all it was! Phew!

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Submitted by lambert on

If I threw a dropcloth over these flowers at the first sign of frost, I bet I could keep them going 'til November!